Amphion Records
Since 1962
Since 1962, Amphion Records has produced recorded renditions of the Telemann Society of New York.  These recordings have been distributed world-wide and received rave reviews in the international critical press.
First in Leading Edge Technology
Amphion Records pioneered a technology unique in its time.  In the microgroove recording process, Amphion offered a major engineering breakthrough: "The Amphion Combination Stereo/Monaural Record."  The record was playable on any monophonic or stereophonic phonograph or playback system and gave:
  • Better MONAURAL performance than any conventional monaural record
  • Better Stereo performance than any other conventional stereo record
In short, the AMPHION Combination Stereo/Monaural Disc outperformed any other monaural or stereo record on its own ground.
Amphion Records, remaining in the forefront of audio high fidelity technology, announces that all its releases will soon be available in the highly acclaimed Sony format known as SACD. SACD discs offer the highest quality audio experience with sonic quality surpassing red book Compact Discs by a wide margin. Amphion SACD releases will be manufactured with a hybrid layer so as to permit the discs to be playable at the lower quality red book standard for those who do not own SACD players. Amphion Records encourages all its patrons to install SACD players in their listening room to permit the very best playback of our discs. All Amphion Releases are mastered on the Sonoma Digital Audio Recorder/Editor using EMM Labs converters for the highest quality.
Amphion Records was going to be proud to announce that its first release in the SACD Format would have been available 1st Quarter of 2015. However, shortages of personnel and funding made the target date unattainable. The recording will feature the world's first period instrument recording of the Music for the Royal Fireworks by George Frederick Handel. This recording is to be dedicated to the memory of its ever-memorable producer, Ward Botsford, who gives an enlightening presentation about the musical instruments used in the recording and the musical style of the Baroque period employed in the recording.
The Telemann Society, in the meantime, is offering online digital versions of its recordings which patrons can purchase access to by subscription. The page for that offering is available at the Telemann Society Membership Page.
Amphion Records, in Association with the American Conservatory of Music
Since June of 1991, Amphion Records has been the main production unit in association with the American Conservatory of Music under the leadership of Richard Schulze, Theodora Schulze, and Otto Schulze.  Currently, Amphion's new audio CD, entitled Recorder Christmas is now available. To obtain this beautiful recording, click the buy now button: Click here to buy now!

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